18 July 2008

The Crimson Tide Rolls into South Africa!

On 6 July, Big Al the elephant in the person of Wes Tate arrived in South Africa. Wes is a 21 year-old Public Relations/Graphics Design student from the University of Alabama who has come as a one-month volunteer to help in the Southwest Area Cluster office. He has been a huge help in just two weeks. He is helping us set up 8 websites for our unreached and unengaged people groups. We are changing the Forgotten Peoples website to bring it up to date to get more people praying and possibly encouraging mission trips by some of you to visit these people who desperately need the Lord. He is also assisting us in the Barcelona where 7 people prayed to receive the Lord as their savior on Thursday. We are setting up a new Bible study and working with two converts to go out with us to share the Gospel. The Lord made it possible and he deserves ALL the credit and glory and praise.

It hasn’t been all hard work!! Wes has held and played with lion cubs, spent 15 minutes petting and stroking a 5 year old Cheetah named Duma, seen adult lions, rhinos, giraffes, warthogs, and many other types of animals. He also saw a few hours of the Billabong Pro Surfing Competition in Jeffery’s Bay and the breath-taking Indian Ocean several times.

Wes has been a joy and a wonderful help. Sadly he leaves on 3 August. Pray for him and his return to the States and pray as to whether the Lord may be calling you to help short term or long term. Thanks for praying for us.