21 March 2009

Namibia Trip - A visit with the Mbalantu!

In February, we (Don and Pam) joined a group from Texas on a trip to Namibia. The churches from the Bi-Fork Association in Texas have adopted the Mbalantu people group in Namibia. They have committed to send at least four volunteer groups each year to the heart of the Mbalantu people in Ovamboland in northern Namibia. We praise the Lord for their commitment to His calling! In preparation for their upcoming trips, we traveled with them to this area. What a blessing! We met so many people, learned so much about their lives, prayed and brainstormed about how to share the Gospel message with them. We even learned some phrases in Oshikwanyama and Oshimbalantu. For more information about our trip and more information about the Mbalantu and other unreached people groups in Namibia, visit our website, http://www.forgottenpeoples.info/


1. Boy with his donkey.
2. Mbalantu child in the market.
3. One night a jackal wandered in looking for food.
4. Don with baby boy. (He loved his bananas!)
5. Pam with the ladies.
6. We ended our trip in Etosha National Park (gemsbok).

A flash in time!

December came and went faster than we wanted! Drew came and was gone much too quickly. In the two short weeks that he was home, we had a team Christmas party, ate lots of food, had fun playing games, played football in the back yard and had some great fun at the beach!

It is always a sad time at the airport when we say, “Goodbye.” But, the good news is that we will see him again in May!

After Drew left, we departed for a meeting in Johannesburg. After our meeting, we visited a theme park called Gold Reef City. Some people have asked how we handle the stress of missionary work and issues such as crime; well here is a good look….

Matthew prefers to take out his stress in other ways…

Seriously, we had a great time of fun!