26 October 2009

A Whole Lotta Happy!

It has been 10 long years, but the wait for the NC State Fair was definitely worth it! We visited the fair on a couple of occasions with Don’s mother, brother (Danny), Tricia (his wife), Hannah & Hailey (our nieces). Another time, we went with Drew & Matthew.

We saw cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese! We saw all kinds of exhibits from the largest pumpkin (376lb or 171kg) to award-winning cakes & fudge. We also ate lots of delicious foods that you can only have at the fair, including frozen chocolate covered & nut bananas, deep-fried moon pies, corn dogs, funnel cakes, hush puppies, roasted corn, blooming onions, and lots more… Yes, we were suffering when we departed. The boys rode lots of exciting and breath-taking rides! We decided that the fair was designed to give a heart attack, either through the food or the rides! Yes, the theme of the NC State Fair this year was very appropriate, we had “a whole lotta happy!”

Gorgeous Ministry Trip!! Driving from Asheville to Nashville

We had a wonderful opportunity to speak to the WMU ladies at Cooper’s Gap Baptist Church in Mill Spring, NC and share what their prayers are accomplishing through the Lord in South Africa. The Harvest Festival Dinner and fellowship were a blessing to us. Also, they are only a few minutes away from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock. We also visited the 225 room Biltmore House in Asheville.
The drive through the mountains of NC and East TN was spectacular.
We then attended the West Africa Base Camp training in Murfreesboro, TN. This training will help us to be more effective with partners like the Bi-Fork Association and any of you who might want to adopt a people group in the future! (hint, hint :-)

25 October 2009

Love That ACC Football!

One thing that we miss in South Africa is American Football. In SA, they call it Gridiron since football is what they call soccer. They find it hard to understand Gridiron with all of the stopping and starting. The concept of the huddle is definitely a seemingly unsolvable mystery.

We were thankful to see NCSU vs. Duke and later on UNC vs. Florida State. Neither game turned out the way we hoped, but the sights, sounds, atmosphere, passion and pride was great to observe and feel.

Don’t Mess with Texas!!

In early October, we flew into Dallas for a short trip to the Lone Star State. Saturday night, we accompanied Donna Kirtz, Pam’s sister, to her church service and then drove to Vernon, Texas up toward the Oklahoma Border. We had a wonderful stay with Derrell and Janna Monday. He is the DOM (Director of Missions) for the Bi-Fork Association that has adopted the Mbalantu People of Namibia. Don spoke Sunday Morning at the First Baptist Church in Seymour and we both spoke at the Red Fork Associational meeting on Sunday night where we thanked them for their sacrifice and service among this unreached people group. Many of the ladies made dolls & outfits (with matching blankets) with their name & picture, while the gentlemen donated soccer balls. These will be given to the Mbalantu kids in Namibia, while the people in the pictures have promised to pray for the specific children. They are doing an awesome work!!

We also spent a couple of days with Donna and John Kirtz and many times laughed till we cried. We had a fantastic time with them and sadly it ended much too soon. May the Lord bless both of them!