24 November 2009

Barcelona Church; a New Beginning

If you have looked at some of our previous blog postings, you have seen that Barcelona Township has been an important part of our work as well as on our hearts. Pam and I started in Barcelona and Betty Goeda also came along with us. Through door to door witnessing, Bible studies, help from other missionaries and nationals, and volunteers such as the folks from Kirby Woods Baptist, we have been ministering in this area. When we return to SA, we will be moving from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town and we have been praying about how the work in Barcelona would continue. Praise the Lord because Pastor Jonathan Gallant and the West End Baptist church have come alongside these new believers and this month the Barcelona Baptist Church had their first church service inside a garage. A couple of weeks later a baptismal service was held; ten youth, a mother of two and Sarah, an 82 year old grandmother (in red dress above), were baptized. Sarah’s son also made a profession of faith. It is because of your praying and your support of the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas offering that the Lord used this to grow his kingdom. It takes the whole church to reach the whole world. Thank you so much for doing your part.

More Conventions and Mission Conferences; We Love it!!

Really, we do. It has been a great joy to meet so many brothers and sisters who have a passion for the Lord and the lost. Pam and I and a South Asian colleague were the IMB representatives at the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia State Convention. It was wonderful to see the church planting that they are involved with in VA, North America and the world. We met many great folks. Norfolk has the "Hot Sign" as well.
We then traveled to Denver Baptist Church in Denver, NC for their 4th annual Missions Conference. We had the pleasure of staying with Bill and Carolyn Ratcliff and they frequently travel and minister in South Africa and Mozambique. The staff and the whole church were a joy to be around. Hickory also has my favorite bookstore and doughnut place beside each other. We fed our souls and our body. We love to tell about the things that the Lord is doing in SA. You are a big part of that as well, but He alone deserves the glory.

A Beautiful Fall Day in North Carolina!

We have not seen a Fall Season in North Carolina in over nine years. The evening air is cool and the leaves from the trees fall to the ground like the first good snow of the year. Falling leaves may be your pain, but we watch in child-like wonder. God is such an artist. On 31 October, Reformation Day, we got to watch the Cary Band Day Parade. I have not seen a parade like this in a long time. We enjoyed the floats, the bands, fire trucks and much, much more. Pam also carved a small pumpkin to greet any kids that may come to the door for goodies. That night, under the bright Carolina moon, we saw several high school marching bands compete in the Cary Band Day. Still the beauty and wonder of even this day will not compare with the beauty of that day when we will see the Lord. Tell someone about the Lord so that they may get to enjoy it as well.

The Old, Old Story is still new to many.

We had the joy, the honor and the privilege to share with God’s people about the work that is going on in our part of Southern Africa. Your prayers and giving are making a huge impact on the world. We tell the stories of changed lives due to the power of the Gospel and also what it is like to live, eat, and engage the many cultures in normal every-day life. We shared with the saints at Ca-Vel Baptist in Roxboro, and in Johnston County with St. Mary’s Grove and Pisgah Baptist. We also had a wonderful time with the WMUs of The First Baptist Church of Cary and Forest Hills Baptist. Your questions and encouragement and your desire to know what is going on is so heart-warming. It is good to see God’s people still focusing on the millions that have never heard. May God continue to bless you as you diligently serve him.